Testing and Labs

At The Sante Center for Natural Healing, our goal is to identify and address the causes of any chronic conditions of the patients and heal their bodies. Each patient is treated as the unique individual that he/she is and therefore, in addition to obtaining a comprehensive health history, individualized testing is needed to identify the underlying cause of the condition.

The type(s) of tests we perform is based upon each patient’s individual needs. Our goal is to determine the ROOT CAUSE and not merely suppress symptoms. Many of these tests not only help you look for certain problems, but can help you determine whether a therapy for a specific condition is working, which may affect your future therapy, nutritional plan and overall lifestyle. 

We are a full, comprehensive, diagnostic lab which enables us to gather a great deal of data to determine your best course of treatment in addition to an overall view of your body’s health, metabolism, chemical balance, nutrient levels/deficiencies and toxicity.

Types of Testing we offer

Metabolic Hair Analysis

Blood Typing

Igenix Western Blots for Lyme Disease

Full Blood Panels

Food Sensitivity

metabolic hair analysis testingMetabolic Hair Analysis

Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), is an analytical test which measures the mineral content of the hair. The sampled hair, obtained by cutting the first inch and one-half of growth closest to the scalp at the nape of the neck, is prepared in a licensed clinical laboratory through a series of chemical and high temperature digestive procedures. Testing is then performed using highly sophisticated detection equipment and methods to achieve the most accurate and precise results. 

Why do we recommend a Hair Mineral Analysis instead of Urine and Blood Tests?

Our hair is ideal tissue for sampling and testing. First, it can be cut easily and painlessly and can be sent to the lab without special handling requirements.
Second, clinical results have shown that a properly obtained sample can give an indication of mineral status and toxic metal accumulation following long term or even acute exposure.

Is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Supported by Research? 

Hair tissue mineral analysis is supported by an impressive body of literature in a variety of respected national and international scientific publications. Over the past twenty-five years hair mineral testing has been extensive. Each year in the United States alone, federally licensed clinical laboratories perform over 150,000 hair mineral essays for health care professionals interested in an additional screening aid for a comprehensive patient evaluation. This does not take into consideration the thousands of subjects used in numerous continuing research studies conducted by private and government research agencies.

What Can I Expect When I Get My Results Back?

After hundreds of thousands of hair analyses, a vast database has been created to provide a unique system of interpreting hair mineral analysis results. Each test report will provide us with the most complete and comprehensive evaluation and discussion of significant mineral levels, ratios and toxic metals as tested in the hair. Included is a listing of individual foods and food groups that we can recommend to eat or avoid in accordance with food allergy indicators and individualized metabolic requirements. At The Sante Center for Natural Healing, we will include a Customized Diet Plan that is personalized to your needs.

What Can Cause a Mineral Imbalance?

There are many factors to take into consideration, such as:

Diet: Improper diet through high intake of refined and processed foods, alcohol and fad diets can all lead to a chemical imbalance. Even the nutrient content of a “healthy” diet can be inadequate, depending upon the soil in which the food was grown or the method in which it was prepared.

Stress: Physical or emotional stress can deplete the body of many nutrients while also reducing the capability to absorb and utilize many nutrients.

Medications: Both prescription and over-the-counter medications can deplete the body stores of nutrient minerals and/or increase the levels of toxic metals. These medications include diuretics, antacids, aspirin and oral contraceptives.

Pollution: From adolescence through adulthood the average person is continually exposed to a variety of toxic metal sources such as cigarette smoke (cadmium), hair dyes (lead), hydrogenated oils (nickel), antiperspirants (aluminum), dental amalgams (mercury and cadmium), copper and aluminum cookware and lead-based cosmetics. These are just a few of the hundreds of sources which can contribute to nutrient imbalances and adverse metabolic effects.

Nutritional Supplements: Taking incorrect supplements or improper amounts of supplements can produce many vitamin and mineral excesses and/or deficiencies, contributing to an overall biochemical imbalance.

Inherited Patterns: A predisposition toward certain mineral imbalances, deficiencies and excesses can be inherited from parents.

At The Sante Center For Natural Healing, we are passionate about helping people to regain and sustain their optimal health.  We hope you will contact us to discuss your individual health and wellness goals.