We have been treating patients at The Sante Center for Natural Healing since 1996. Here are just a few of our Patients’ Success stories.
We have many more to share with you!

“My sleep now has a better quality.  My abdomen is no longer distended.  My facial color looks much healthier than when I started.  I also feel the first sense of hope in many years that I may experience a full return to health, here at the Santé Center.”   D.M

“Carol is an advocate for natural healing and has an innate ability to customize individual health plans for patients through juices, raw foods, nutritional counseling, colonics and energy work which have proven to be highly successful in treating and healing patients.”  T.S, M.Ed.

“Today, I feel the best I’ve felt in eight years since I first became ill. And I am not one to declare such things easily or quickly. Meeting and working with Carolann, Dr. Su and the staff at the center has been a joy. The passion that they have for all who walk through their door shines through. They truly helped me renew my spirit. I give thanks every day to the Santé Center. They gave me my life back.”    M.C

“I never thought I would ever be able to answer “NO” when asked “Are you taking any medications?”  I was on twelve prescription meds!”   Y.V

“I support colon hydrotherapy.”   D.N, D.O. 

“My son came down with mono in August. I immediately called Carolann and asked her what to do. She said get him juicing and get him in for treatments of IV therapies. Patrick didn’t seem tired anymore after the juicing and IV therapies. It worked! It really worked!”   P.G

“Though by most standards I would have been considered a healthy person when I began with Ms. Kummins, through education and services I have regained the vitality of my youth.”  D.C

“The evidence was right there for me to see…how could I not want to do the same thing for myself?”  J.D

“The Santé Center treatments greatly increase the health of the body from the inside which creates profound improvements to ones’ appearance and vitality on the outside.”    E.F

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