Health Concerns And Issues

The Sante Center - your health and wellness partner

The qualified health professionals at The Sante Center are dedicated to helping you regain and sustain your optimal health.  We create personalized detoxification and nutritional programs to achieve your wellness goals according to your body’s patterns. Every patient, every body, is different and reacts differently to their dis-ease or illness. One size fits all is not the answer. 

Designing your personal journey to wellness begins with a visit to the Sante Center.  Curious about what to expect on your first appointment? Click here to learn more. 

We assist patients with the following health concerns. If you have a specific condition not listed here, please contact us. 

Acute and Chronic Infections Headaches
Allergies High Cholesterol
Anti-aging Lyme Disease
Anxiety Nutritional Deficiencies
Arthritis Osteoporosis
Cancer Parasite Cleanse
Cardiovascular Health & Disease Prevention Preventative Care
Chronic and Acute Illness Sinus Infection
Chronic Fatigue Thyroid Imbalances
Depression Weight loss/Management
Detoxification Wellness
Digestive Disorders Women’s Issues
Fibromyalgia – Menopausal Support
Gastrointestinal Issues – HPV Virus
– IBS – Infertility
– Constipation – PMS
– Reflux Vertigo
– Gastritis
– Celiac Disease
– Crohn’s Disease
“All Disease Begins in the Gut” – American Medical Association