Jeannette Krieger
Jeannette KriegerRN, BSN Charge Nurse, IV Specialist

A Hampton native, Jeannette received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Rivier University. A well-rounded, seasoned RN; working in the emergency department, aesthetics, vascular, and school nursing. Developed a growing interest in the field of holistic health after her then fiancé was diagnosed with Lyme disease and struggled with conventional Lyme treatment.

Mrs. Krieger began working at Sante Center in 2011. She continuously expands her knowledge in how nutrition, colon hydrotherapy, and IV therapy can heal the body. By proper gut function, diet and the aid of IV therapy, Jeannette has assisted many patients heal from their ailments. She has witnessed amazing transformations in each patient’s overall health.

Jeannette enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, hiking, drawing, and music. She has aspirations to return to school in the future for her NP.

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