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At the Sante Center for Natural Healing, we believe the most effective health care approach is to focus on the unique, diverse needs of each individual. True healing doesn’t come from a one-size-fits-all concept. We provide a wide range of science-based, innovative, holistic and naturopathic therapies to treat chronic disease and optimize wellness.




In September 2018, after discovering a mass on my left ovary, I underwent a radical hysterectomy to remove my uterus, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, omentum, and lymph nodes. The biopsies taken during and following surgery were analyzed and the pathology report stated that I had Stage III endometrial, ovarian, and para-lymph cancer. Endometrial cancer is very aggressive and had metastasized to the left ovary, fallopian tube, and lymph nodes. My CA-125 (cancer blood marker) was 112.8, the normal range is 0-38.

The Medical Oncologist at Lahey Hospital prescribed 6 months of chemo and 5 weeks/ 5 days a week of radiation to begin immediately. They would retest at the end of the treatment and decide if I needed another 6 month round.

I kept thinking that there had to be a different path to healing the cancer and I held off scheduling the treatments while I researched alternatives. Then one day, my dear friend and cancer survivor, said that if she had to do it over again, she would go to the Sante Center for Natural Healing in Hampton, NH. Patients come to Sante from all over the country; most have exhausted all options within the medical community and have been released on a palliative regime with no hope of cure.

Three days later I went to the Sante Center for a consultation and a tour. The Founder, Carolann Kummins, based on my own unique metabolic profile, presented me with an individualized treatment protocol specific to my body’s needs that would detoxify, rejuvenate, and heal all at the same time.

Six weeks (not 6 months like the medical model) into my prescribed treatment plan, which included IV vitamin C, B5 and B6, Glutathione, raw foods, fresh juices, and colon hydrotherapy, I had my blood rechecked. My cancer marker, the CA-125 blood test which had started out at 112.8 had dropped to 10.8 – well within the normal range of 0-38!

The best part of Carolann’s protocol is that I was never sick or tired! I didn’t lose my hair. I had energy and a great attitude the whole way through. Friends who hadn’t seen me since the diagnosis were shocked at how well I looked. Another great benefit is the cost – my out-of-pocket for the Sante treatments were 40% less than my anticipated chemo/radiation co-pays for one round.

My family and I are so happy that I decided to take this route to healing cancer. And my friends all say that after seeing how well I did, if they ever have to face cancer, they will choose the alternative, integrative cancer care offered by Carolann Kummins and her team at The Sante Center.

–Christina McCarthy, North Hampton, NH; currently in remission for 21 months.



Your health and well being is based on your own unique chemistry. Through diagnostic testing, we create a personalized protocol of treatment based on your individual metabolic profile. Our incomparable team of experts often combine therapies for optimal results.

CAROLANN KUMMINS Founder, Naturalist, CCHT
DR. MARK SUMedical Director
JEANNETTE KRIEGERRN, BSN, Charge Nurse, IV Specialist
Dr. Su and Carolann work collaboratively to bring you the very best of alternative,
functional, and western medicine.

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“Amazing experience at the Sante Center! Carol and her team are beyond professional and knowledgeable! Going in with stomach and colon issues, I always feel amazing and energized after I leave! Thank you again!”


“Carol is an advocate for natural healing and has an innate ability to customize individual health plans for patients through juices, raw foods, nutritional counseling, colonics and energy work which have proven to be highly successful in treating and healing patients.”

T.S, M.Ed.

“My son came down with mono in August. I immediately called Carolann and asked her what to do. She said get him juicing and get him in for treatments of IV therapies. Patrick didn’t seem tired anymore after the juicing and IV therapies. It worked! It really worked!”



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