Natural Medicines

Natural Medications are FDA-Approved, natural, research-based, contain no side effects and cause no interactions.   

If you have one of the following and want to reduce or eliminate your prescription medications, we can help!

  • high blood pressure
  • acute or chronic pain 
  • Chronic fatigue
  • insomnia 
  • diabetes    
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • memory loss 
  • arthritis
  • heart failure  
  • asthma    
  • snoring, sleep apnea                             

What are Natural Medicines?

The Sante Center for Natural Healing (link to About) offers high quality, FDA approved and regulated products. These medicines are supported by clinical studies, and are nutritionally based amino acids that produce neurotransmitters, the chemicals that allow nerves and other cells to communicate with each other. These amino acids address the nutritional requirements of your disease condition with little to no side effects or drug interactions as commonly seen in traditional prescription medicines. 

These natural medications allow many individuals the opportunity to substitute synthetic, side-effect laden prescription medicines with all-natural, side-effect free medicines. For others, these products can also be taken with your prescription medication, as necessary or as desired, to optimize efficacy and safety, while reducing or minimizing your traditional prescription dosage.

These natural medicines are only available through the ongoing supervision of a physician. 

How can I receive these natural medicines? 

Patients who live locally are welcome to visit The Sante Center to purchase their supplies.  If a patient is not local, we offer virtual consultations through a secure, electronic health record-based system that features live, video conferencing.

Additionally, we encourage you to contact us  for a FREE Skype-based initial visit, where we can introduce ourselves and answer your questions. 

What is the cost?

You can contact the center for the price of services.

We at The Sante Center do not put any value or judgment on conventional healthcare approaches, and are more representative of an Integrative Medicine center in philosophy, but as we do not prescribe pharmaceutical medications by license, so we are more of a Naturopathic Medicine center in practice.  However, should we discover a critical condition that requires immediate attention, we will not hesitate to work with our patients’ traditional physicians to ensure our patients receive the highest quality, safest form of care.

At The Sante Center For Natural Healing, we are passionate about helping people to regain and sustain their optimal health.  We hope you will contact us to discuss your individual health and wellness goals.