Meet our Experienced Practitioners

Carolann Kummins
Naturalist, CCHT, Founder

The founder of The Sante Center for Natural Healing, Carolann Kummins is a dedicated, compassionate health care professional, who has extensive experience (and success stories to share!) helping patients to heal their most challenging health crises. Carolann has lectured throughout the United States and her work with MS and Crohn’s Disease was published in Cancer Forum Magazine (New York). Carol has also been featured on numerous media broadcasts.  Carolann’s passion is to explain to audiences and patients the benefits of proper diet and nutrition and the importance of incorporating raw foods and juice therapy.

Carolann attended The American Holistic College of Nutrition, Clayton College and subsequently received certifications in Colon Hydrotherapy from The Wood Institute and the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy. Carolann has researched the medicinal uses of raw foods and their juices for more than 20 years and conducted case studies.  Carolann has also studied worldwide, amongst civilized cultures and indigenous people, expanding her knowledge of the healing benefits of food.

Carolann began her pursuit of health and wellness at an early age after losing her mother to breast cancer.  She began her education in the field of medicine; however, after researching and personally experiencing the power of the body’s ability to heal itself with healthy raw foods and juices, and with proper elimination and natural complementary therapies, she chose natural health and healing as her life’s journey.


Mark Su, M.D.
Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician

Mark completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University.  He then returned to his home state to attend the Indiana University School of Medicine, and subsequently completed his residency training at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was co-chief resident during his final year.  Mark was privileged to be a recipient of the national Bristol Myers Squibb Award for Outstanding Graduate Medical Education, offered only to ten top performing residents from among tens of thousands of candidates annually.

Mark enjoys his family, basketball, nautilus training, and providing patient-centered quality healthcare.  He enjoys advocating for patients and those who are in need of a voice and/or direction.  His professional mission centers around continually educating himself on different approaches to healthcare and how each modality can best benefit his patients in different circumstances.  He loves helping to address the question of “why?” in chronic disease, providing hope where no hope is apparent, and thinking outside the box.  Ultimately, he is an educator and a servant at heart who loves to empower others, to coach others toward reaching their goals, and to advocate for the minority voice, where appropriate.